"The awards you win here remain within you forever"

New Programs by request....
            ...Preschool for the Arts!
            ...Only Karate octagon in central NC!

...SUPER BRAIN Workout for adults and kids together!

Afterschool 30 minute workout classes at both Greensboro locations will include exercises to link body and brain for improved focus:  Obstacle courses, cardio, breathing, and cross body exercises.  Get ready for homework time made easy!!!

$35 per month with a discount for multiple family members enrolled.  Ages 5 through ADULT starting Fall 2014

Click "Zumba" to the right for details regarding locations and costs.

It is scientific fact that movement relieves stress.  Give your children this tool early in their lives!

We've developed a 2 year cyclical dance curriculum for each level based on accredited, graded methods in ballet, tap, and jazz.  This ensures that year after year your dancer gets challenged and consistently progresses even with different instructors.

Office Hours at New Garden Rd--M, T, Th 9am-5pm....W, F 10am-2pm

For Spring Break dates , click "Ballet" at right, then "Yearly Calendar"

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