Studio History

Every studio has a different personality which develops from the philosophical framework from which they teach.

Opportunities to Learn

  • Dance for Children
    Ages 2 and up
  • Dance for Adults
  • Athletic Training
  • Preschool For The Arts
  • Specialties
  • Summer Camps

Giving Back

Here at Nan’s we believe it is important to model good citizenship to our young people.  “Shift the Spotlight Tights” is an original idea started here in 2017.  For every single pair of tights sold throughout the year, Nan’s donates a percentage of the profit to charities, but not just any charities.  We choose local organizations that help families and children specifically.

The Joy Of Dance – Nan’s School of Dance

I was a student at Nan’s School of Dance when I was 5 years old (31 years ago).  Miss Vicki was my very first teacher.I continued dancing up until I was a senior in high school. I now teach 4th grade in Raleigh. One of the coolest things that has happened to me occurred several weeks ago when a colleague’s daughter and student at my school told me that she took at Nan’s in Raleigh. I proceeded to tap in the hallway. It is wonderful to see this dance studio reach and impact so many families!!
Mary Beth Gruenewald

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Athletic Training Center

We will drill, drill, drill for muscle memory and technique through fun games and high energy encouragement. It’s so much fun the kids won’t realize they are working so hard!