Nan's Dance
Three & Four year olds
These classes are a combination of pre-ballet, tap, and tumbling. We have developed a very effective program for our youngest students. Concentrating on gross motor skills and group skills using music and movement promotes a great environment for a positive learning experience. This class is an excellent introduction to dance.

Five & Six year olds
These classes are a combination of ballet and tap. At this point, we start to emphasize technique. Ballet is taught using the Cecchetti method, and tap steps progress through a series of graded exercises. We incorporate exercises into group activities using the latest appropriate music to help motivate the children. Strict turnout is not advocated until the students are a few years older with more mature bones and muscles.

Older Students and Adults
As students grow, they are grouped according to age and/or ability. Jazz is an exciting addition to the combination classes for these dancers. We use upbeat, age-appropriate music and educate them to all styles of jazz dancing from broadway to hip hop moves. Pre-pointe ballet and pointe classes are available for dancers deemed ready for this advanced discipline. Instructors will judge each individual’s state of readiness. We teach contemporary dance using techniques from groundbreaking choreographers. Self-discovery and free movement around your center are emphasized during lessons. Hip hop class is a fun way to get a workout. Energetic moves with street style are taught to clean, popular music. Adult classes include ballet, jazz and tap. The challenge of learning new skills (or polishing old ones) combined with aerobic exercise draws women of all ages to these classes on Tuesday nights.

Martial Arts
Mike Carr and his capable staff teach karate classes for ages 4 and above. The classes are 45 minutes once per week and are open to boys and girls. American Kenpo Karate teaches self-defense, self-confidence, assertiveness, goal orientation, calmness, and concentration.

For ages 13 and up!  Latin dance movement is formatted into  cardiovascular and strength training set to upbeat music.  Classes scheduled are: 

Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm at New Garden 
Thursday 7:00-8:00pm at New Garden.
-----Saturday 10:00-11:00am at New Garden
                         ONLY $5.00 per class!
                         Buy a punch card with 10 classes for $40!
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Performance Company
Audition to be a part of our Performance Company for ages 8-18.  We'll perform at community events throughout the year, go to a convention to take classes from famous choreographers, and go to one competition in the spring. Our goal for these serious dancers is to give them the opportunity to learn faster, get more stage experience, and gain confidence in their talent.